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How do I access/view my digital book?

To access digital products you need to register as a ‘Student’ or ‘Customer’ with www.zealarts.com.au.

Digital books are accessible via an access code linked to your account.

You will receive an access code either via:

  • Within the printed book(s) you purchased
  • A printed card with the code visible for eBooks
  • Provided to you by your school, teacher or bookseller.

If you purchase a book online via www.zealarts.com.au your product will automatically be linked to you once the order is completed. As a result, you will not need to enter an access code.

The links to your digital products are visible in the left navigation panel once you log into www.zealarts.com.au

Screenshot of the account section with the access code field

Enter an access code into the field and hit ‘Submit’. Please note there may be a slight delay once you successfully link an access code to your account. Just hit the ‘dashboard’ link in the left menu and you should see the book link in the bottom left.

Screenshot of account section with book link

Screenshot of account section with book link

How do I register?

Registering with Zealarts is simple. Go to www.zealarts.com.au and click on ‘Login/Register’ in the top right of the screen. You will be presented with a login section on the left and register section on the right.

Fill in the registration details, select your account type and click the ‘Register’ button.

Screenshot of the login / registration section

Screenshot of the login / registration section


What are ‘Roles’ when registering?

Roles within the Zealarts store indicate the type of member you are. There are 2 main types that perform different functions.

  1. Student and Customer
  2. Bookseller/School

Select “Student” or “Customer” if you wish to purchase or view digital products. This account allows one (1) type of book to be linked and visible. You can purchase single copies all the different books if you wish and they will be linked to your account automatically.

Select “Bookseller/School” if you wish to purchase MORE THAN one (1) or the same book to pass on to others either as a teacher or bookstore.

This account type will allow an overview of the orders and the access codes belonging to each book. Once an access code is used then this list will show who has been linked to the access code.
NOTE: Booksellers/School do not have access to view digital products.

Screenshot of the registration module displaying the roles selection

Screenshot of the registration module displaying the roles selection

It was so refreshing back in 2009 on the release of ‘Musical Concepts’. Over the last 8 years or so I have noticed an increase in quality of Aural responses across the board and I strongly believe Helene’s book has played a major role in this. On it’s release, Music teachers and students finally had a departure point and scaffold to guide and support the unpacking of the 6 Concepts of music. The mind maps are an amazing tool for visual learners and in our school, it is great for our students with non-English speaking backgrounds. The analysis and terminology explanations are great for those that want more definition and detail. We have nicknamed it the ‘Bible of Concepts’. Greg Thwaites Head Teacher Performing Arts FAIRVALE HIGH SCHOOL
The Music text by Helene Galettis is the most in depth and in detail textbook available for preparation for the NSW Music 1 Aural examination. The students found that the musical example sound bites and concepts mind maps to be particularly useful. Stella Levinsky - Music Teacher Chatswood High School
This is a fantastic resource for students and staff. Each musical concept is explained in detail with clear examples of all features presented. Listening examples are provided, as well as past HSC questions and tips for sitting exams. And don’t think that this book is only for Music 1 students, it will quickly become an indispensable part of your departments programs. David Gresham Director of Music St Catherine’s School, Waverley
Helene Galettis text is our main HSC text for Music 1. The teachers and students have found it well-organised and thorough. The book has great audio samples in soundbites highlighting musical terms, as well as chapter listening activities Dev Gopalasamy Head of Performing Arts Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview
The workshop was highly informative and inspirational for the students. It provided the students with a variety of approaches for structuring a written response in the aural exam. Additionally it provided an extra opportunity for students to practice their aural skills. Stella Levinsky - Music Teacher Chatswood High School
The Aural workshop our teacher organised was very helpful. I left feeling much more confident about the concepts of Music. The workshop was highly informative and engaging, with many different activities to help us understand each part of the concept. We even had a chance to ask about specific parts that we found difficult. Eg. Polyphonic, I now understand! Chatswood High School Year 12 Music 1 Student